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About Frugally Thrifty:

At Frugally Thrifty, you will learn how to maximize your savings, live well on less and even learn about some really amazing products!  So grab your purse, follow me, and watch your savings grow!

I’m Sandy, your frugal southern belle blogger. I grew up in L.A. (Lower Alabama) and have traveled across the U.S. before settling in the Alamo City, San Antonio, TX.  I am the fun loving mother of 4 awesome children and the wife to an amazing husband. My hobbies including finding great deals on the things we need for our family, photography, and traveling. Before Frugally Thrifty, I worked in corporate America, as an administrative assistant for a sales and marketing firm. Before that I was the owner of a daycare. These positions were a blast, but I realized that my children really needed their mother at home as they started approaching those magical teen years.

So this fall I will have four children in four different schools. My oldest daughter,who is 17, will a senior in high school. My favorite son is 13 and will be attending a very prestigious college prep high school. My middle daughter, 12, will be in seventh grade, middle school, and my youngest daughter will be im 5th grade, finishing out her last year in elementary school.

My Journey:

In 2007, while living in Minnesota, my sister and her two children moved into our already cramped home. Our grocery budget was quickly approaching $2000 per month to feed the 9 of us. My sister came to my husband and I and asked if she could use coupons as a way of helping with the grocery bill. She  had been in a car accident that left her disabled.  We smiled and said sure thinking she wasn’t  saving much but it would help her feel as though she was contributing.

As time went on, I began to notice our grocery bill dropping and a stockpile beginning in the basement. Well, let’s just say my sister schooled me on how to use a coupon.

My sister has since moved on into a home of her own with the help of using coupons but the one thing that stays the same in my house is we still use coupons… for everything. We don’t leave home without them.

My family has gone from spending around $2000 a month on groceries to a mere $400- $500 (and this feeds my family of 6, 2 cats, and 2 dogs, and even gets us all our cleaning & personal care items).

This time in my life seems to be the perfect time to pass on my knowledge of coupons and saving money.  We have been teaching our children the advantages of living the frugal life and I would love to pass my knowledge on to you.

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