Walgreen’s Code ~ $5/$20 Web Pickup

Walgreen code $5/$20

Walgreens Code ~ $5/$20 Web Pickup

Did you know Walgreen’s has a new Web Pick up service… oh yeah… and it’s FREE. You just shop at home in the comfort of your own home. Drive to Walgreen’s and your order will be ready at the photo counter. Or, better yet, don’t even get out of your car… they also have FREE curbside pickup!!! When you get to Walgreen’s just call 888- WAG-PICK… This is an awesome service.

  • You are having trouble getting around
  • It’s raining, snowing, too hot, too cold or just unpleasant
  • You are feeling “under the weather”
  • Have sick or cranky kids…

Even better for me, I can order the things I need online and have my daughter pick them up on the way home from school. Just enter the name of the person picking up your order at checkout. This way you get exactly what’s on the list without any mishaps!!

This service is very cool and convient.  Go ahead and sign up… you never know when you will need Walgreen’s Web Pick. Plus, now recieve $5/$20 Web Service order with code: HIFIVE 



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