Vistaprint $2 Customized T-Shirt!!!

Vistaprint $2 T-shirtsVistaprint $2 Customized T-shirts!!!

Well, I found a deal so we can all make our “Warning, I have a coupon for every item in my cart” t-shirts. Go to Vistaprint. Their men’s basic T-shirt starts at only $2. I like wearning men’s t-shirts opposed to women’s because they are roomier. The women’s styles start at $7.

I just typed my  text in a word file and uploaded it onto the shirt. To “customized” the t-shirt it is $2.49 and shipping is $4.14. So you can get your t-shirt for as low as $8.63 shipped!!! I ordered mine and can’t wait to get it in the mail so I can wear it on my next shopping trip!!!


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