Vista Print Sale ~ $2 Tote Bags

Vista Print Sale ~ $2 Tote Bags

VistaPrint Sale ~ $2 Tote Bags

There is a sale that I would like to share with you today. VistaPrint Tote Bags are only $2 + shipping (starts at $5.52)….. SCORE!!! Personalize a tote bag to use as a candy bag for the little trick-or-treaters in your life. These are so cute!!! The kids can be an artist and design their own bag to use year after year. They easily fold up for storage (unlike the bulky plastic buckets).  This would have been great the year my plastic trick-or-treat bag tore!!!!! You don’t have to wonder which bag goes to which kid because they are all customized. You can even create the totes to match their costumes.

Don’t delay!!!  This Vista Print Sale offer ends October 12, 2012. ENJOY!!!

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