Vanity Fair Coupons ~ $1.00 off Two Napkins

Vanity Fair napkins printable coupon 2012

Vanity Fair Coupons ~ $1.00 off Two Napkins


New printable coupon on Vanity Fair napkins for you today!

This coupon is good for a $1.00 off any two packages of the Vanity Fair napkins. Can make for a great deal if you have a sale going at one of your local grocery stores. Walmart carries the 100 count for about $1.97 usually to give you an idea. Always good to have some decent napkins on hand….

This Vanity Fair coupon is on our Redplum page. Should see it on page one, if not try scrolling back through the rest of them. These can go quick though so may be gone if you can’t find it.

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