UPS My Choice ~ Helping You Manage Your Packages

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UPS My Choice ~ Helping You Manage Your Packages

Have you head of the new UPS My Choice program?  If not, it’s a great program for you to get alerts before your package arrives and electronically authorize packages for drop off.  The really awesome feature about UPS My Choice is the ability to re-route your packages to other locations if you aren’t going to be home on the day of your delivery!  For example, you order a package online and realize you will be at work the day it’s delivered after the order has been placed.  With UPS My Choice, you can reroute the package to be delivered to your office so the worry of your package being left at the door all day long!  See it’s a really awesome program and what makes it even better is that this program is….FREE!!! Sign up for UPS My Choice today!

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