Silk Pure Almond Coupon ~ $1 Off Half Gallon

Silk Pure Almond ~ $1 Off One

Silk Pure Almond Coupon ~ $1 Off Half Gallon


We have a new Silk Pure Almond Coupon for $1 off any one half gallon.  Have you tried the vanilla flavor? It is really good. My family loves to drink smoothies. The vanilla flavor is great in a smoothie!!! If you are trying to have a healthy life style the unsweetened Almond milk has half the calories as skim milk…..only 30 calories.

The Silk company also has a Love it Guarantee…. if you don’t love the taste of any Silk product , they’ll buy it back. So go out and try Silk Pure Almond today!!!!

The coupon expires 30 days after print and you can print two of them.

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