O-Cel-O Coupon ~ $1/2 + Walgreens Sale

Here is a coupon for o-cel-o.

O-Cel-O Coupon ~ $1/2 Scrub Sponge Packages


Here is an  O-Cel-O coupon for $1 off 2 packages of scrub sponges. There are some dishes that need a sponge to get the tough messes clean. These sponges are really good because they do not leave scratches. Another good thing about sponges is that you can just throw them in the dish washer to kill all the germs. Do you use sponges or dish clothes?

The O-Cel-coupon expires 30 days after print and you can print two.

Walgreens Sale (Week of 2-24-13 to 3-2-13)
O-cel-o Sponges ($3.99 for 3pk) 
These are on sale to B1g1 Free plus 500 bonus points when you spend $5
**Grab four packs
Use 2 O-Cel-O coupons linked above
Pay: $5.98 for 4-pks or $0.50 per sponge after coupons + receive 500 bonus points

Walgreens Points:


I wanted to include a little information about Walgreens bonus points for the ones that are unfamiliar with the policy. I am still learning myself so I understand that it can be confusing. Walgreens will give you bonus points on certain things you buy. They will list the bonus buys in their stores and sale papers. You earn points just for buying things. These points are earned on some of the sale items too. This is how you save even more. You earn the points and use them on a future purchase. You can’t earn points and use points in the same transaction. I hope this helped you to understand the points a little better.

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