Mattel Games Coupon ~ $5/$15

Here is a Mattel Games Coupon to save $5/$15.

Mattel Games Coupon ~ $5/$15


Here is an awesome Mattel Games Coupon. It is to save $5 on $15. Click the link to go to the Apples to Apples facebook page. Play the Apples to Apples Picture game (you only have to pick one card).  After you play and register, you’ll get a $5/$15 Mattel Games Coupon to be valid in store at Walmart!

This is an awesome deal!  Our family loves to play board games. We just played Apples to Apples at Thanksgiving. This coupon will be great to use to buy the junior version. It would be nice for the little kids to play while the adults play the original game.

This Mattel Games Coupon expires 12-31-12. ENJOY!!!

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