Maidenform $15 Bra Sale!!!

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Maidenform $15 Bra Sale!!!

Okay, ladies. We are going to have a lesson in bras…

First, did you know that a bras life expectancy is about 6 months… yes, I said months, not years.  That is of course is you have laundered them properly meaning hand wash or gentle cycle and never putting them in the dryer.

Next, typically you should have 4 basic bra types:

  1. Strapless or Convertible Bra: A necesarry piece for your wardrobe. Great for gowns and tops.
  2. Seamless Bra: Under Lycra, fitted T’s and lighter-weight knits, look for lightly lined or seamless bras for a smoother look.
  3. Seamed Bra: Under suits, jackets, bulky sweaters, you need more shape. Get a seamed bra. The more seams, the more shape.
  4. Sport Bra: Active bras are not just for sports. Yard work, tasks around the house, etc. You need the maximum supply of support, a bra with very little stretch for most activities.
Consider investing in a bra wardrobe. Maidenform has made it easier on the pocketbook to get you bra wardrobe established with their:

Maidenform Bra Favorites – A hand-picked selection of their favorite bras for only $15 everyday! 

I have worn Maidenform bras for years and they are very comfy. I will tell you that I HATE wearing a bra but Maidenform has made it comfortable for me to wear a bra cause Lord know I can’t got to the PTA meeting without one!!

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