Listerine Coupon 2013 ~ $1/1

Listerine coupon for $1/1

Listerine Coupon 2013 ~ $1/1


There are a Listerine Coupon to save $1 on one mouthwash (1L or larger). This is your chance to kill bad breathe, keep the “sugar bugs” away and make your dentist happy all at once!!! Use this coupon to save a little money and keep your mouth healthy.

Did you know there are many alternative uses for Listerine? Here are a few:

  1. Add a cup of it to a load of laundry along with your detergent. This will kill germs off your clothes and keep your washer smelling good.
  2. Pour a half cup of mouthwash down your garbage disposal to keep odor free.
  3. To get rid of a blemish on your face, use a cotton swab to dab some mouthwash on it. It will kill the bacteria and the blemish will disappear.
  4. Use Listerine to clean cuts and scrapes if you do not have antiseptic wipes.
  5. Listerine can be used to eliminate dandruff if you massage it into your scalp and shampoo as usual.
  6. Don’t throw away your old toothbrush. Instead dip the old toothbrush in mouthwash to clean mold in your bathroom.

This Listerine Coupon expires 30 days after print and you can print two.

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