Jingit: A New Way to Earn Box Tops for Education

jingit - box tops for education

Jingit: A New Way to Earn Box Tops for Education

Have you heard of Jingit yet?  Jingit is a awesome new website that gives you the opportunity to connect with your favorite brands and they reward your child’s school for your efforts.  Collecting Box Tops for Education is no longer only about collecting the labels from your favorite products anymore…you can now electronically earn them for your child’s school!  Simply sign up and connect your child’s school to your Jingit account and start jinging by watching short videos and taking short surveys.  I recently signed up and have already earned over $3 for our school in about 10 minutes…now that’s worth my time!!

Join Jingit today and start earning Box Tops for your childs school!

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