JCPenney Coupon 2012 ~ 30% Off Clearance

JCPenney Coupon to save 30% off clearance.

JCPenney Coupon 2012 ~ 30% Off Clearance

Here is a JCPenney Coupon to save 30% Off Clearance. This is a great place to buy pjs and toys. I found a “spy pen with light” for $8 (Org. $25) plus the 30% off makes it $5.60….SCORE!!!!  This was in the selection for 8+.  I really like the way you can search by product, age group, color, size, and etc. It makes shopping so much easier. ENJOY!!!

This JCPenney Coupon expires 11-3-12. Use coupon code EXTRA30 at checkout. Includes free shipping for orders over $50.

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