Introducing…. The Dynamic Duo!!

You know the saying, “two is better than one”… Well, I have to agree. For sometime now I have been brainstorming ways to improve Frugally Thrifty. In fact, it is an on going process. I want to give my readers the best ideas and tools they need to maximize their savings.  I felt like I was leaving out a large group of readers. Readers with young children. It wasn’t intentionally. I just don’t have young kids anymore and it is sometimes difficult to focus on things when you can’t relate. So to solve this problem, Frugally Thrifty now has another contributor…. Introducing my baby sister Coty.

Coty is six years my junior. I am the oldest of four, she is the youngest. I am brunette, she is blonde. I am short, she is shorter…. LOL. In many ways we are complete opposite but the one thing we have in common is we are trying to raise a family while maximizing our resources.  Coty is the wife to my favorite brother-in-law, Jason and the mother of my precious niece and two nephews. Grant is 9, Nathan is 4, and baby Gracie (a.k.a. Gizzie) is 9 months. Yes, she has her hands full.  Coty, by trade is a teacher and her gift of patience is truly remarkable. I am talking saint hood material.

My wonder sister is now a stay-at-home mom and has decided to help me bring you the latest and great deals! I am so happy to be working with my sister everyday and I can’t think of  a better partner. So everybody please stop by and welcome Coty to the team!


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