Hallmark Coupon 2012 ~ $5 off $10

Here is a Hallmark Coupon to take $5 off $10.

Hallmark Coupon 2012 ~ $5 off $10


Here is a coupon to save $5 on your next purchase of $10 or more at your Hallmark Gold Crown store.  This Hallmark Coupon is a great way to buy some wonderful cards at a discount. ENJOY!!!

We send a lot of cards to friends and family through out the year… Hallmark is my favorite store to shop at for cards because of their loyalty program… Many, many times per year, they send you coupons for $$ off your purchase. Many times I live with a bag full of cards and pay little to know money for them… SWEET!!

This Hallmark Coupon expires 12-20-12.

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