Frugally Thrifty Has A New Look!!!!

Sandy handging out with local in St Lucia

Frugally Thrifty Has A New Look!!!!

What the heck happened to Frugally Thrifty? It wasn’t broke, why did you fix it??? It doesn’t even look the same, why did you mess with it….. Keep reading… I think you will understand by the time you get to the end!!!

Summer 2011, my husband and I had took a trip to St. Lucia to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss.  I came home from that wonderful 10 day vacation not only more in love with my sweetie and revitalized, but also I came home with a very new perspective on life!!!

To say that I grew up in a meager household is an understatement.  In fact, we did not even have running water in our house until I was 13 years old.  Despite what my children may think, I did not grow up in the 1800’s. Nope. This was in the early 1990’s!!!

No longer am I that poor young woman from South Alabama with no world experience what so ever. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I have a very, very blessed life. I live the life most would love to have. I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay home and raise our four beautiful children while my husband has become a successful businessman.

At the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I were both guilty of wanting more, more, more, and more!! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting more but somehow, my husband and I kinda lost perspective of what’s important in life along the way.  My husband was working 80 hours or more per week to obtain that “American dream” but he was missing out on our children growing up.  He had become a workaholic. In his mind, the more he could provide us, the better father and husband he was to us. I was just as guilty. I thought the more I could give my children, the better mom I was. In fact, I was worse because I grew up with so little,  I went overboard quite often with everything. School supplies was always a huge one for me. Growing up, sometimes the school year would be half over before I had a pencil and paper. I never wanted my kids to go to school without the necessary supplies. So to compensate, I would buy 30 or 40 boxes of crayons (without coupons) just so they wouldn’t run out.  I did the same thing with groceries, toilet paper,  shampoo… you name it. Both of our bad habits had us living paycheck to paycheck.

In 2010, in my mind, the worse thing in the world that could happen, happened! My husband lost his job as director in Corporate America. He was downsized!!! Unfortunately for us, the people with the larger salaries got cut first!!!  I was devastated!!!! I probably even became a bit depressed.  My husband however was the cool, calm cucumber that he always is.  He had come to me with the harebrained idea of starting his own company.  He wanted to work for himself instead of someone else. It sounded great, in theory, but I wasn’t very confident in his abilities.

To get the business going, we both knew there were going to be some sacrifices.  Heck, I already knew how to be poor. The first 25 years of my life I was poor.  I already knew how to shop wisely and use coupons, although I rarely, if ever, did.  With that being said, I  had convinced myself that we were going to be okay.  I could tighten the purse strings, dust off the coupon book, live frugal, and start our business.

A year later, the business is going great and my husband and I are able to travel to our romantic tropical island like we had always wanted to do. The only thing was, I was still very, very bitter about my husband losing his job. Could he have fought harder to keep it? Could he have worked harder? Those were the things I was thinking… how awful, I know.  I was thinking that way until I arrived in Castries, St. Lucia!

While walking around the market in downtown Castries (the capital), I noticed something. All the locals were happy. They were smiling and laughing amongst themselves. The children, by American standards, looked very poor in their simple clothing, but they played carefree and happily.  I knew before I got there that the median annual income in St. Lucia is about $6000 US dollars. Yet, every place we went, every taxi we rode, every excursion we participated, we always heard one thing, “no pressure, no problem”.  Were these people mad? Why were they so happy? They were poor!

It was there, on that tiny island of only 238 square miles that I learned a valuable life lesson. It was there that I learned that the simple, no fuss, no stress lifestyle was wonderful existence.  The locals live in modest houses, drive modest cars, wear modest clothes and they are very happy doing it.

I came home a new me. It was there on that island that I learned that I no longer needed the fancy house, car, and designer clothes and purses. I learned that all I truly needed was the love of my husband and children. The other things just didn’t matter any more.

When the opportunity to purchase Frugally Thrifty came about, I jumped one it. I wanted to share my story and my journey. I am now very proud to live frugally. I am very proud to teach my children to live frugally and budget conscious, which is something they never had to do. Living a frugal life allows me to live a life I never dreamed of living.  My husband no longer works 80 hours per week. We are able to do things as a family. We go on family vacations. We both attend school functions. We both help with homework. We both kiss our kids goodnight!

I no longer buy 40 boxes of crayons and I am no longer unhappy about what I don’t have. I am happy, and thankful for what I do have! Who would have thought that my husband losing his job would be the best thing that ever happened to us!

So now do you get the new look?

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