Frugal Beauty Tips ~ DYI Facial Mask

Frugal Beauty Tips - DYI Facial Masks

Frugal Beauty Tips ~ DYI Facial Mask

I have 3 of the most amazing daughters. With daughters, especially teen and pre-teen, comes the want and need for a beauty routines.  We all know how expensive they CAN be but I am here to share with you some of my own FRUGAL beauty tips… Today we will make home made facial mask!

Since I started sharing my frugal beauty tips with my daughters, we have grown closer in our mother/daughter bonds. We all know those relationships can be very tricky so I am always looking for ways to keep our relationships intact! Even my 17 year old, who hates everything I like, participates in Beauty Night!

 ~ For All Skin Types ~

This first mask is so easy and I am quite positive you already have these 2 ingredients in your kitchen. Heres what you do:

The first ingredient is yogurt. You will need 2 tablespoons per mask You will see this one quite often because yogurt is GREAT for your skin. It is full of antioxidants! It will help lighten dark spots and blemishes (great for treating acne, but we will get to that). Also, yogurt is a little acidic which will help exfoliate your skin.  Only use plain, non-flavored, organic, yogurt. You don’t want all the extra preservatives on your skin… kinda defeating the purpose!
Next, 2 egg whites per mask. Have you ever cracked an egg and got the whites on your hand and after a few seconds you can feel your skin tighten? Hello, wrinkle prevention!!!

Separate the yolks from the whites, add the yogurt and mix together. Apply generously to face and allow to sit for several minutes.  Rinse off with warm water. I always end my facial by applying a cool cloth over my face.

Tip: When using yogurt on your skin, be sure to purchase plain, non-flavored, organic yogurt. You don’t want to be adding extra dyes and additives to your skin. You are kinda defeating the purpose by doing so.

Tip: Also, did you stay out in the sun a bit too long and now you are sunburned? Apply plain,  yogurt to burn and it will sooth the burn away, or any minor burn for that matter.

~ To Treat Acne ~

My 17 year old has been plagued by acne. About 2 or 3 years ago, I took her to a dermatologist (which was very expensive) and he prescribed very harsh, and expensive prescriptions to treat the problem. Yeah,  her face looked great but it was a very painful process… I knew there had to be a better option. A little trial and error and this mask has done wonders for her skin.
Here’s what you need.
Three crushed aspirin. The active ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, which is commonly found as an active ingredient in most acne creams and medications. Save the money on the expensive stuff and DYI!

Next a tablespoon of raw honey. This ingredient can be a bit expensive but a little goes a long way and even though the raw honey can be a bit expensive, it is still much cheaper than buying over the counter or prescriptions acne creams. Honey is a natural antiseptic which will take away all the germs. Honey is antibacterial and most acne is caused by bacteria. No brainer, right? You want raw honey because anytime you cook or heat a food, it looses some of it’s natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Raw honey isn’t heated (pasteurized) so it’s natural state is preserved.

I buy my raw honey on Amazon. You get a much better deal than buying it in the store. Get this Raw Honey, 16 oz., 3 Pack for $26.97 shipped. It is a 3 pack so maybe you can split the cost and the jars with a couple of friends.

A tablespoon of plain, non-flavored yogurt, organic yogurt (remember, I said you would see this ingredient again).

Finally, a couple of drops of a natural oil such as almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil (my favorite). The natural oils make great moisturizers.

My daughter Destiny
My oldest daughter, Destiny. I did a “Sweet 16” photo shoot with her. This is one of my favorite photos. No acne. She looked amazing and felt like a very confident young woman!

Mix your crush aspirins, raw honey, and oil in a small bowl. Warning, it will be a bit sticky and goopy but it feels wonderful on your face. Apply, mixture to your skin and leave on at least 10 minutes. 30 minutes is best. Rinse with warm water. Apply cool cloth to face for a minute or so.

~ Dry Skin ~

This one is so very easy. I use it on my legs, arms, elbows, and feet! When I am feeling especially nice, I will treat my hubby with a foot treatment!
Here’s what you need:

1/2 avacado
1/4 cup raw honey
1/4 cup brown sugar

The avocado is a wonderful moisturizer with all of it great oils. The brown sugar acts as an exfoliant. The honey is an antibacterial moisturizer as well. The three make a great team in fight dry skin. Just mix together in a bowl and apply to skin in a circular motion so the sugar can exfoliate. Leave on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

So there you have it… a few of my favorite DYI facial masks.

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