Free One Year Subscription ~ Smithsonian Magazine

Here is a free one free subscription to Smithsonian Magazine.

Free One Year Subscription ~ Smithsonian Magazine


Here is a Free One Year Subscription to Smithsonian Magazine. This one may be good for the hubby. He likes to watch the history channel. Enjoy!

Enjoy your Free Subscription. It is from Rewards Gold. Just take a quick survey.

I wanted to include some info about Rewards Gold. How the company works is that a lot of magazine companies want to get their subscription numbers up so they use Rewards Gold. This helps them to get their advertisers to sigh up. It’s good for us because we get free magazines.

So, what’s the catch? You have to do a short survey. The survey is mostly multiple choice questions with one short answer (25 to 50 words). It is really easy to do. They are normally asking questions about one of your favorite products (this time my survey was about my computer).

One tip is to use an email that is not your primary email address. I have an email I use for stuff like that…coupons, sales, free stuff and etc. They will spend you an occasional email but not a lot of spam. I have my main email sent to my phone so I only want the important stuff going there.

I have been using them for years and I love the free magazines!!! The kids love them too because I let them have them after I’m done with them.

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