Esurance ~ Free Quote

Here is a free quote from Esurance.

Esurance ~ Free Quote

Here is your chance to get a free quote from Esurance. The quote takes about ten to fifteen minutes. My quote only took about ten minutes. I did the quick version where they pull up your car’s information for you. I was very pleased with my quote!!!!

I recently began to shop for new car insurance after our insurance went up for the second time in six months. We have been with this company for years and I know the people there by name. I called them up and asked about the increase. I was told that their was nothing they could do because they had been given increases so….. I told her about a quote that I had from another company that would save us $50 a month for the same coverage. She still could not do anything about the increase.

Today I did a quote with Esurance and I am so glade!!! It is going to save us a little over $100 a month…yay!!!! Prices will be different for everyone but it’s worth the few minutes to save! ENJOY!!!!

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