Dollar Tree Coupon Policy ~ Starts August 26th

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Dollar Tree Coupon Policy ~ Starts August 26th


WOW…I am in total shock to see this, but it looks like Dollar Tree is going to be accepting coupons starting on Sunday, August 26, 2012.  I don’t expect the cashiers to have the policy down pat on day one and it is definitely going to take some time for the policy to be completely understood by managers and cashiers since this is new to them.  With items only costing $1 each, there is room for some great deals and possibly free items on products like Hefty, Lysol, Ajax and more.

Some key points from the Dollar Tree Coupon Policy include:

  • Only 2 printable coupon can be used in one transaction
  • No “free” item coupons will be allowed where no purchase is necessary
  • No overage will be given so I guess the coupon value will be adjusted down
  • Manager can refuse any coupon and limit quantities

With the last little tip, let’s all play nice and not empty shelves just because the item is free.  Share the wealth with others…

Thanks Penny Pinchin’ Mom


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