Couponing for Busy People ~ Kindle Edition

couponing-for-busy-people kindle book

Couponing for Busy People ~ Kindle Edition

I came across this book and I had to share. It really teaches what I believe about couponing. My idea, and the authors, is to stock your pantry and create a necessary stockpile to meet your family’s  needs,  NOT to have 17 years worth of toilet paper for the sake of having it.  I am NOT an extreme couponer. I coupon to save money on the necessities so I can have money for the non-essentials like travel and shoes. However, when I started couopning many years ago, I couponed because I had too.  If I didn’t feed my daughter (I was a single mom) for little or no money by couponing, I couldn’t pay the rent.  To me, that is what couponing is all about. This book  Couponing for Busy People is a perfect resource for people who need to do just that….

The book is for the Kindle and is $4.99 but if you are a Prime member, you can borrow it for FREE.

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