Bar Keeper’s Friend… Cheap Cleaner, Many Uses

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Bar Keepers Friend… Cheap Cleaner, Many Uses !!!!

I thought I would share with you one of my secrets to keeping my pots and pans in tip top shape…

Yes, I am one of those women that ask for kitchen gadgets for special occasions. For one of my anniversaries (I can’t remember which one, it’s been awhile), my husband presented me with the most beautiful set of All Clad cookware.  I wanted  good quality cookware that would last for many, many years. I believe in buying good stuff so you don’t have to replace it, even if it cost a little more in the beginning.

Anyway, I quickly learned how quickly the bottom of my shiny pans became black from use.  Enter… Bar Keepers Friend. This stuff is amazing. Just sprinkle a little on, add a little water to make a paste, and gently scrub with a non-scratch sponge.  In no time at all it gets all the dirt and grime off you pans. Remember, cleaning your cookware properly will keep things from sticking!!

I also use BKF for cleaning the tile floors and showers, the bath tub, the kitchen sink, my counter tops, the rims on my car, my patio… just about everything.

The best part is this cleaner is very inexpensive.  The powder form (IMO is the best) is under $2 at your favorite store.  Use this $.50/1 Bar Keepers Friend Coupon…A little goes a long way.  I have had my cookware for about 10 years now and it still looks brand new!

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