Avent Coupon 2012 ~ Toddler Cup

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Avent Coupon 2012 ~ $1/1 Toddler Cup

Avent Coupon 2012 ~ Toddler Cup


Here is a Avent Coupon to save $1 on one Toddler Cup. These are the BPA-Free and Naturals. I really like knowing that a toddler cup is BPA-free. I don’t have small children any more but I have nephews and nieces that come to my house so I always like to have a supply for them! When Anah was learning to drink from a sippy, I used Avent!  I also like the cups with the handles. They are great for kids that are new to drinking from a cup. What is your favorite type of toddler cups?

This Avent Coupon expires 12-20-12 and you can print two.

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